IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
8–11 January 2022 // Virtual Conference


10.00 - 11.30 (EST) Session 1

  1. European 6G Flagship Hexa-X view on 6G, Hexa-X Project lead Mikko Uusitalo, Nokia
  2. Next G Alliance view on 6G, Benoit Pelletier, VMware
  3. Architectural and radio technology enablers for future 6G systems from Hexa-X, Hexa-X Technical manager Patrik Rugeland, Ericsson
  4. Operator view on 6G, Mauro Boldi, TIM
  5. Qualcomm view on 6G, John Smee, Qualcomm
  6. Panel discussion with presenters


12.00 - 13.30 (EST) Session 2

  1. On the security of 6G use cases: Threat Analysis of 'All-Senses MeetingZakaria Laaroussi; Elif Ustundag Soykan; Michael Liljenstam; Utku Gülen; Leyli Karaçay; Emrah Tomur,
  2. Hybrid RIS-assisted Cooperative Communication Model Design and Performance Analysis, Abhilash Kumar Pandey; Amrith Aathmaram; B. Sainath
  3. Waveform Comparison under Hardware Limitations for 6G Sub-THz Communications, Le-Hang Nguyen; Volker Braun; Hardy Halbauer; Thorsten Wild,
  4. , Performance Evaluation of Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Multiplexing Systems Impaired by Phase Noise, Peyman Neshaastegaran; Ming Jian
  5. A Study on Iterative Equalization for DFTs-OFDM Waveform under sub-THz Channels, Roberto Bomfin; Ahmad Nimr; Gerhard P. Fettweis
  6. Towards 6G zero touch networks: The case of automated Cloud-RAN deployments, Bini K. J. Angui; Romuald Corbel; Veronica Quintuna Rodriguez; Emile Stephan
  7. Requirements and Specifications for the Orchestration of Network Intelligence in 6G, Miguel Camelo; Luca Cominardi; Marco Gramaglia; Marco Fiore; Andres Garcia-Saavedra; Lidia Fuentes; Danny De Vleeschauwer; Paola Soto; Nina Slamnik-Krijestorac; Joaquín Ballesteros; Chia-Yu Chang; Gabriele Baldoni; Johann M. Marquez-Barja; Peter Hellinckx; Steven Latré