IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
8–11 January 2022 // Virtual Conference

1st International Workshop on Secure FunctiON ChAining and FederaTed AI (SONATAI'22)

1st International Workshop on Secure FunctiON ChAining and FederaTed AI (SONATAI'22)

The SONATAI 1st workshop aims to be a forum for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to present and discuss novel ideas, solutions and results aiming to support the requirements of emerging and challenging applications on future generation network architectures.

The virtualization paradigm in key areas such as networking and services has created the grounds for applications in demanding scenarios. Technologies like Software Defined Networks (SDN), Service Function Chaining (SFC), Container Network Function (CNF), and Virtual Network Function (VNF) are key enablers for the support of critical services. In such context, IoT applications, aligned with the virtualization paradigm, and federated AI models enable mission critical services in “edge-cloud continuum” scenarios, with stringent requirements in terms of latency, resilience and security.

Devices upon their federation with edge and cloud computing paradigms enable the “edge-cloud continuum” where service functions can be executed in different places depending on the availability of computational and storage resources. Service functions deployed as CNFs, VNFs, and physical Network functions – as the x Network Function (xNF) paradigm - require data protection mechanisms, where federated learning approaches play a key role.

Further research is required to enable Chained and Federated service functions in the computing continuum within the xNF paradigm.


Key contributions for the workshop:

  1. Contribute to the research of services in edge-cloud continuum in particular to those services that are composed by diverse functions and that must be orchestrated efficiently.
  2. Contribute to the research of federated learning to enhance security of applications and services in edge-cloud continuum mission critical scenarios.
  3. Interconnect communities, practitioners of Federate learning, security and computer networking.


The “main areas” of the workshop  are:

  • Fog and cloud continuum for mission critical scenarios and mixed reality applications -- to support scenarios with stringent requirements, with mixed reality applications, relying on high density deployments, high number of IoT devices using different wireless technologies (WiFi 6 and beyond, 5G and beyond).
  • Service Function Chaining for Mission Critical Services – for the composition of services and to leverage from the edge-cloud continuum paradigm, to enable orchestration of service functions in a federated and secure fashion. 
  • Federated Artificial Intelligence – as enabler of mechanisms for intelligence respecting privacy concerns, fully integrated with the SFC policies and supporting mixed reality applications.


Confirmed Keynote Speackers:

  • Prof. Dr. Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Faten Zhani 

See program for more details.

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